Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

ASA Ohio Partners with OPOC to Provide Members with a Cost-Effective Solution to Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Health insurance costs have continued to rise at double digit rate increases for businesses across the country while employee benefits have shrunk.  That’s why ASA Ohio has partnered with OPOC (Columbus, Ohio based) to provide members with cost-effective solutions to purchase health care.   OPOC provides Association Group Health Plans across the country with a tremendous amount of success.  Because OPOC does all the initial healthcare optimization (Not the health insurance carrier), you have a true advocate ensuring your needs are met when purchasing health care insurance for your business. 

This is not a one size fits all health insurance plan product.  Shop owners will be provided a number of options and will be able to pick the best carrier and plan that fits their business and their all-important employees.

This process is not your typical broker/business partnership.  OPOC will provide shop owners with an extensive analysis and report of their health care situation.  Because OPOC is armed with your shop’s health care experience, they are able to help secure the best optimized healthcare structure and plans for your business.  

You and your team members will always have an advocate in your corner through the state-of-the-art ASA Ohio Care Center. Participating members and their families will be assigned their own Personal Care Advocate to answer any and all questions concerning their health care insurance benefits.  Building a relationship with your own Personal Care Advocate goes a long way in building loyalty amongst your staff.

This process is for shop’s that want to take back control of their health insurance cost.  Click HERE if you would be interested in this new way of purchasing health insurance.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Matt Dougher at 513-659-5324 or email him mdougher@asaohio.org.


About OPOC

With over 25 years of experience, OPOC is a second-generation, family-run, Strategic Planning, Transparency, & CARE firm that specializes in employee benefits, administration, and human resources solutions and provides services to hundreds of employer clients and thousands of participants throughout the country.  OPOC.us is committed to optimization through cost-containment and efficiencies, all while improving the lives of its clients’ most important assets – their employees.  To learn more about OPOC.US visit www.opoc.us.