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Driving Your Success!

Important Legislative Information State Representative Introduces Amendment to Eliminate the Ohio Motor Vehicle Repair Board

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Ohio’s Motor Vehicle Repair Board

A Valuable Resource for Ohio’s Automotive Repair Industry

 Since its creation in the late 1990’s Ohio’s Motor Vehicle Repair Board (formerly the Collision Repair Board) has been a valuable resource to Ohio’s collision repair industry. Through the Board’s simple registration process it has assisted businesses in becoming compliant with state and federal regulations and has given customers the peace of mind knowing that they are having their vehicle serviced by legitimate, law-abiding businesses. Unfortunately, Ohio’s legislators are considering a proposal that would dismantle the Board and eliminate it entirely! We must stand as and industry and tell our legislators to support the Motor Vehicle Repair Board!

Prior to the Board’s creation, the image of Ohio’s collision repair industry was tarnished by illegitimate shops that cut corners and openly violated laws just to cut costs. This not only put consumers and the public at risk, but it also put law-abiding operating at a competitive disadvantage. Legitimate operators, trying to adhere to all the costly regulations required by them, simply could not compete with “back-alley” or “fly-by-night” entities, posing as legitimate businesses.

Unfortunately, some in the Ohio Legislature are again questioning the purpose of the Board and are calling for its termination. Representative Wes Goodman has introduced an amendment to the budget to eliminate the board. Please help protect the Board by contacting your legislators and explaining the vital role the board has had over the past 15 years.


  • The board is self-sustained and funded through licensing fees and does not require any funding through the state budget.
  • The Board was created at the request of BUSINESSES to ensure that laws applying to shop owners are equally and fairly enforced.  
  • Registration is simple and the Board helps assist repair businesses through any necessary paper work required by other state agencies.
  • Without the Board “chop shops”, “fly-by-nights”, and other illegitimate repair operators would operate under the radar with no way of identifying them or bringing them into compliance.
  • Repair shops operating illegally hurts legitimate businesses, the consumer and the State of Ohio.
  • The Board informs collision repair professionals of available grant and training opportunities.
  • Industry professionals serve on the Board and make decisions that protect the industry.
  • The Board helps new shops become compliant and stay compliant when state and federal officials change policies or regulations.

Please contact your state legislators and urge them to protect the Motor Vehicle Repair Board. You can find your state legislators through the following link: Find Your Legislators and we have a sample letter you can download and use.

Should you have any questions, please contact Matt Dougher at mdougher@asaohio.org or 513-659-5324.