Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

Why Invest in the ASA Ohio PAC

ASA Ohio Political Action Committee

What is the ASA Ohio PAC?

The ASA Ohio PAC is the political action committee formed by shop owners to promote and protect their interests before legislators and other key lawmakers – The PAC is funded entirely by personal contributions from shop owners and their employees and funds are used exclusively to support legislative and statewide candidates for office who understand and demonstrate fairness on issues impacting Ohio's automotive service industry.

Why does the ASA Ohio PAC Exist?

Legislators and regulators in Columbus can have a tremendous impact - both positive and negative - on your business.  The ASA Ohio PAC allows our association to support those legislators who support our industry. It also allows ASA Ohio to build long-term relationships with legislators who, in turn, will know our interests and positions when public policy is being considered. Failing to develop these relationships can be costly to our industry and exclude us from important negotiations. 

What has the ASA Ohio PAC done for me?

The ASA Ohio PAC enhances our presence at the Statehouse and improves our lobbying capabilities. Listed below are just a few of the many issues we have been successful in addressing:

  • Developed the Motor Vehicle Repair Board to ensure all automotive repair facilities are operating legally and to serve as a resource to all automotive repair professionals throughout Ohio.
  • Protected the unclaimed motor vehicle affidavit and made reforms that would allow repair shops to utilize the affidavit on more vehicles that are left unclaimed on their property.
  • Protected the industry from legislation aimed at Ohio’s towing laws that would have negatively impacted how repair garages notify vehicle owners and lienholders if a vehicle was left unclaimed.
  • Worked with the Ohio EPA to develop exemptions from burdensome permitting requirements for auto repair facilities.
  • Defended the industry and our consumers against a push by others to cut the cost of automotive repairs at the expense of safety and quality.
  • Advocated for workforce training programs to help the industry find qualified technicians.
  • Defeated legislation that would force additional requirements on private businesses.

How to Make a Make a Contribution:

Click HERE to print the ASA Ohio PAC contribution form.  Complete form and return to the address listed on the form with a personal check.  Some contributions may be tax deductible.. 


Please contact Matt Dougher with ASA Ohio at 513.659.5324 or email him at mdougher@asaohio.org.