Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

The 10 Most Popular Reasons for Registering Auto Repair Businesses in Ohio

Registering Mechanical Repair Facilities in Ohio
Legislation (SB 232) is being considered in the Ohio General Assembly to registered mechanical repair shops with the State of Ohio.

Currently, only collision repair facilities are registered with the Ohio Motor Vehicle Repair Board.  If passed, SB 232 would help legitimize the mechanical repair industry in Ohio by broadening the Board’s jurisdiction to include mechanical repair operations.

Giving those in the mechanical repair industry a professional board will prove invaluable. Just as it has done for the collision repair industry, the Motor Vehicle Repair Board will serve as a resource where those in the automotive repair industry can got to find valuable information that directly impacts their businesses.

SB 232 will help level the playing field for those automotive repair facilities that are trying to adhere to the law. Law-abiding shops are often at a competitive disadvantage and operate under radical pricing differences compared to those “back ally” operations that refuse to comply with local, state, and federal requirements.

SB 232 would also protect the consumer from those mechanical repair shops that lower costs by cutting corners at the expense of their customers. SB 232 will help consumers identify those law abiding shops in Ohio.
Support SB 232 and help legitimize Ohio’s mechanical repair industry and help protect our consumers!


  1. ISN’T EVERYONE? Most professions in Ohio are either registered or licensed with the State – dealerships, salvage yards, CPA’s, barbers, realtors, doctors, contractors, plumbers, attorneys, etc. Surely, the automotive service industry deserves to be recognized as a legitimate profession as well!
  2. PROTECT OHIO’S CONSUMERS: A vehicle is one of an individual’s greatest investments, and it deserves care by a service facility that is doing business in a legal, safe and professional manner.
  3. HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Registration will ensure that service centers are properly disposing of their waste products and adhering to all EPA regulations.
  4. INFORMATION IS POWERFUL: The Board will serve as a resource where mechanical repair shops can go to find valuable information on laws and regulations that directly impact the industry.
  5. LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD: The cost of doing business for shops trying to obey all local, state, and federal laws is much higher than for those that choose to ignore them. The Board will ensure that law-abiding mechanical repair shops aren’t penalized by simply obeying the law!
  6. AN ADDED RESOURCE: The Board will provide another avenue for both the consumer and shop owner to help resolve complaints and concerns with repairs and other aspects of the industry.
  7. MONEY TALKS: Thousands and maybe millions of tax dollars are not collected annually because of unscrupulous shops. This costs all other Ohioans money!
  8. IMPROVE OUR IMAGE: It’s time to let Ohioans know that the mechanical repair industry is not afraid to be counted as “professionals” in the business world.
  9. COMMUNICATE IDEAS: The Board will serve as an outlet where registered repair shops can share ideas and practices that others can use to improve their business operations.
  10. THE TIME IS NOW! Collision repair facilities have successfully registered with the State for nearly 15 years. The time is now for Ohio to join numerous other states and register the mechanical side of the industry!