Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

State Senator Uecker Introduces SB 37 – Mechanical Registration

ASA Ohio is excited to announce that State Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) recently introduced legislation (SB 37) requiring mechanical repair facilities to register with the Motor Vehicle Repair Board.

Last session SB 232, also sponsored by Senator Uecker, was passed by the Senate with overwhelming support and was reported by the House Commerce and Labor Committee before the end of session. SB 37 builds upon this momentum and ASA Ohio hopes to garner enough support this session to have this important legislation enacted.

SB 37 would ensure all automotive repair facilities are operating under the same standards by registering mechanical repair facilities with the Motor Vehicle Repair Board. The board has successfully registered the collision repair industry for over 15 years. For far too long fly by night mechanical repair facilities have been in operation. These entities ignore safety and environmental standards, avoid taxes, and put customers in danger. SB 37 will help ensure that all mechanical repair facilities are compliant with applicable laws, which will promote fair competition and protect Ohioans who entrust us with their vehicles.

As it has for the collision repair industry, the board will serve as a resource for mechanical repair shops that register. The board monitors state and federal laws and can notify shops of changes that will directly impact their businesses. The board also serves as a location where customers can identify service centers that are registered with the State of Ohio, giving them piece of mind that their repair facility is compliant with all state and federal laws.

“I have received feedback from many business owners and consumers who want to see standards brought to an industry that impacts all Ohioans,” said Uecker. “I want facilities to see the Motor Vehicle Repair Board as a valuable resource in understanding their industry and as a way to offer transparency to their customers.”

SB 37 will now be referred to a committee for further consideration. If passed, this legislation will promote fair competition and most importantly will help protect Ohioans from unethical repair facilities. ASA Ohio encourages you to contact your legislator and urge support for SB 37!