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Driving Your Success!

HB 526 – Anti Steering Legislation

Recently Ohio House Representatives Lynch and Hagen introduced House Bill (HB) 526.

HB 526 legislation is designed to:

1)    Prohibit auto insurers from requiring an insured person to go to a particular repair facility

2)    Prohibit an auto insurer from recommending a particular repair facility, unless the person requests a recommendation

This bill prohibits an insurer from requiring a person who makes a claim on an automobile insurance policy to have the person’s vehicle repaired at a particular repair shop or by a particular person. Additionally, the bill prohibits an insurer from recommending or suggesting that the vehicle be repaired at a particular repair shop or by a particular person unless the person making the claim requests such a recommendation or suggestion.

An insurer that engages in either of these prohibited activities is guilty of an unfair and deceptive act or practice in the business of insurance.

Click here to view a copy of HB 526

ASA Ohio Legislative Staff will closely monitor this legislation as it moves forward and update members when more information becomes available.