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Technology & Telematics Forum

The Automotive Service Association (ASA), in partnership with the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, presents the 8th Annual Technology & Telematics Forum as a monthly podcast series. Listen to the first episode in this series, entitled “A Changing Fleet”, featuring industry experts Wayne Weikel and Bob Redding discussing the future of electric vehicles, the legislative and regulatory status of electric vehicle implementation, and the investments of auto manufacturers and independent repair shops to prepare for an “all-electric” future.


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A Changing Fleet, Part 2

Mark T. Allen joined Audi of America as the Collision Programs and Workshop Equipment Manager in August of 2011, responsible for the collision program, electric vehicle service strategy and workshop equipment for Audi.

Mark’s 44-year career in the automotive industry has spanned various areas including collision, insurance, parts, machinist and equipment repair and sales.

Mark holds and B.S. in Marketing/Management from Ramapo College of N.J. and is a long-term member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, is DIN ISO Certified to weld aluminum, and has is Board Member of ICAR having served on the Executive Board for about 5 years.

In this podcast, Mark discusses how to safely and effectively perform repair and maintenance for electric vehicles (EVs) including:

  • Necessary education and training for service repair professionals working on EVs in shops
  • Safety precautions and protocols for de-energizing high voltage systems, and recommended uniform and tools to be used while repairing EVs
  • Recommendations for safe layout and architecture of shops repairing EVs, and necessary equipment for the repair, transport, and disposal of EV batteries
  • The availability and accessibility of OEM repair procedures to all shop owners, including repair procedures for electric vehicles

A Changing Fleet

Wayne Weikel (left) is the Senior Director of State Affairs at the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. In this role, he serves as the primary liaison for Auto Innovators’ interaction with state officials across the Northeast. Wayne is an expert in a diverse portfolio of public policy issues, telematics, consumer privacy, and electric and automated vehicles.

Bob Redding (right) is the Washington, D.C. representative for the Automotive Service Association (ASA). For the last 20+ years, Bob has advocated for the rights of independent repairers on both the federal and state levels.

In this podcast, Bob and Wayne discuss:

  • Federal and state electric vehicle legislation, including the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the in-process budget reconciliation package.
  • The massive investments being made by auto manufacturers in a push towards developing and deploying a national electric fleet.
  • Issues and opportunities in establishing a national network of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • What independent repair shop owners and other industry members can do to prepare for a changing fleet.